Aweber Email Marketing Software Review

540_293_resize_20130201_a32453247045eaf805a8b49ee22e6d38_jpgAweber offers email marketing services to more than 120,000 small and medium sized businesses, online entrepreneurs and bloggers all across the world. Their innovative web-based tools have helped these businesses increase their sales by reaching out to their targeted audiences. The company has been around for 15 years and their talented and qualified staff continues to provide unparalleled customer care support and innovative tools for their clients. The main focus of this company is to help you concentrate more on expanding your business further instead of devoting a lot of time for marketing. This is why they have come out with an excellent email delivery system characterized by auto follow-ups and easy-to-use tools which can ensure that all your marketing emails reach prospective customers.

Reasons to choose Aweber: There are actually many reasons why you can put your trust in Aweber for handling your email marketing requirements.

Easy-to-use features: This email marketing solutions provider has come up with multiple innovative and attractive features that are easy even for the newcomers to follow. There is a user-friendly interface and you need not have many years of web development experience behind you in order to be able to use it effectively. You can easily install this platform and use it for multiple purposes like creating and publishing newsletters and email courses. The emails can even drive your viewers to a blog post or to a sign-up page.

Fast autoresponders: The Aweber mail servers can send auto-responses and auto follow-up messages at lightning speed to your prospective clients. The requests made by them get addressed in real time and replies are sent within seconds.

Scalability and reliability: The Aweber platform strongly supports millions of users and the modular design of its network lets technical experts increase its capacity fast. This company has also been in the industry for a reasonably long period of time having been founded in 1998. Since then, it has successfully introduced many new and interesting features for the convenience of its users. As far as reliability is concerned, the servers are installed in a data center that boasts of a foolproof security system, round-the-clock support teams, uninterrupted internet connectivity, backup generators and air-conditioning systems.

Smart tracking: Aweber boasts of a superb tracking system and there are effective monitoring tools which can allow you to make changes to your email marketing campaigns as necessary. You can see whether your email has indeed been delivered to your client’s inbox. Whenever a subscriber clicks on the sent link, the data gets tracked and you can calculate strategies which are likely to work for your campaign.

Customer care support: Aweber also boasts of a super efficient customer support team which can offer round-the-clock assistance. It also makes it a point to improve deficiencies in the services by taking help of customer feedbacks. There is a support blog which offers data about the new tools and resources. You can also enjoy live chat facilities with very less wait period during which you can get all your queries answered by trained representatives.

Flexible campaign customization: Aweber also allows you to use their different tools like audio and video resources for handling different needs of different campaigns. The service offers a smart sequencing and scheduling option by which you can launch and organize useful strategies for your marketing campaign.

Therefore, when you are looking for a comprehensive solution provider for your marketing efforts online, you can trust Aweber. The costs are affordable and you can enjoy their free trial period for a month to see if you are satisfied with their performance.